Frequently Asked Questions

SOUL is a Knowledge Management concept developed by Tecnatom, whose integrated knowledge creation and transfer system uses digital transformation, expert knowledge and social collaboration as learning tools.
SOUL is more than an online content platform, SOUL is an Intelligent platform (Smart), to be used anywhere, at any time and on all devices (computer, tablet, mobile phone, hololens ...) (Open ) that allows us to offer a Universe of knowledge transfer services and the application of advanced training tools to form a new learning experience (Learning). The users of the platform will have access according to their permissions to various services such as the corners of experts, groups of interest areas and campus visrtual in case they are enrolled in a course.
To be able to access advanced SOUL services, access the corners of experts where you will find unique information written by the most important experts in each sector.
Student feedback is critical to our process, and we rely on your input to constantly evolve our offerings, and to ensure that we provide the best learning and career advancement experience possible. Just send us an email to
Technical Matters
Please contact the administrator at the following email:
This option will depend on the course in which you are enrolled, please contact the course tutor.
At this time it is not possible to buy courses online, please contact to help you.
The courses are located in the private area "Campus", you must log in and go to your dashboard to access it.