08 May 2019 0


If you need a highly interactive immersive environment very similar to the real world, 360+ is your solution. With its different versions: Desktop, Smartphone, Tablet or Virtual Reality Headsets the user can navigate with endless possibilities, reaching the desired objectives.


 In 360+ you can find different options, we highlight:

  • Virtual tour: visit the different areas of an industrial installation, which allows the user to move as if he were inside the same identifying the different structures, systems, and components;
  • "On The Job Training 360": The virtual tour format includes 360º videos of the tasks carried out by the different groups working in the installation;


360+ allows different profiles to collaboratively develop their content. Defining "Hotspots". They will be able to introduce additional information in different text, jpeg, and mp4 formats during the virtual visit. This Developer Version allows building knowledge between all of them in a collaborative way.


With 360+ you can immerse yourself in a real environment, favoring the transfer of knowledge, allowing this knowledge to be used both in learning and in the preparation of works. Without Borders.


360+ can be yours.



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