Extended Learning-XL

07 May 2019


We know that imagining certain things is not a solution for learning. That is why we propose new training experiences through Extended Reality.


We use these technologies to improve the professional performance of your organization by living a new more attractive and immersive training experience and taking advantage of its advantages.


Extended Reality allows us to train different processes or tasks with virtual simulations through 3D elements.


VR (Virtual Reality) takes the user out of their real-world environment and into a virtual immersive environment.


AR (Augmented Reality) allows us to superimpose the graphic and sound information of digital objects in the real world, allowing the user to experience the relationship between the digital world and the physical world.


The MR (Mixed Reality) makes possible the fusion of real and virtual environments using digital technology to coincide and coexist with the real world, the user can interact with both worlds.


In this family, we also have solutions that include Digital Twin and 3D Simulations, with them you can learn processes and tasks in a safe environment.


Tell us your needs and we look for an optimal solution.



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