Mentor World

08 May 2019


We think that what is important for your company is not to generate experts or wise men on specific subjects, but that this knowledge is applied to your products or generate new ones. That's why we use mentoring in MentorWorld spaces as a learning space.

We know that Mentoring is about asking questions and making choices, about opening spaces and horizons in a continuous and honest relationship, but... with a calculator in hand, oriented to business. This is a powerful practice for organizational learning and talent development.

With MentorWorld you will be able to generate change and improvement from the experience and knowledge of your expert, in several people at the same time, albeit at different rates; each one his own.


At MentorWorld, questions enhance learning, but so do answers. The dilemmas you pose for everyone but the choices also become a source of inspiration for others.

Accelerate the mentoring of your most important assets, people, without the corsets of space and time and with the strength of the sum.

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