07 May 2019


You've heard a lot about the power of questions in learning and... what if those who tell us are right?


But think of more than just questions we ask ourselves as we learn, or random questions they send us. Imagine a tool that asks you and evaluates you, detecting vulnerabilities in your knowledge, not only of information storage but of processing. Come on, in other words, you know if you think right or wrong and therefore you will be able to solve a problem or not in the future.


Well, nice to meet you, that's me. I introduce myself, I am Quiz-T-Bot


I'd like to show you more skills that will solve some of your needs, but I don't want to take up any more of your time, I'll just tell you another skill that makes me proud...


I am able to increase your deeper knowledge, to transform Forgetting into Learning using for it the spaced repetition....


Contact me and we continue chatting!



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