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Tecnatom optimizes its selection, candidate evaluation and training processes with Microsoft AI

The engineering company has deployed, with the help of Turing, a chatbot integrated into its website for the early stages of its selection and evaluation processes and another in Skype to proactively track training.

Tecnatom is an engineering company that has been providing services in the nuclear sector since its creation in 1957. In the last decade, the company has diversified its services and products in the international market and in other industrial sectors such as aeronautics, railways, petrochemicals, etc. It provides services and products with high technological content which are continuously improved to adapt to the needs and requirements of the various customers and markets.

Linked to its strategy of continuous innovation for the promotion of its international expansion and diversification of activities, the company has opted for Microsoft Artificial Intelligence as a disruptive element.

Tecnatom has launched two projects in which two chatbots, driven by the Azure Bot Services, Microsoft Bot Framework, and Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, interact with candidates in the early stages of their personnel evaluation and selection processes and help employees to monitor training plans, both internal and for external companies.
The engineering company has relied on Turing, a Microsoft partner specialized in the development, management, training, and monitoring of bots, with the aim of covering the requirements in an agile manner and managing changes effectively.

Artificial Intelligence for the evaluation of both employees and potential candidates

At the consultancy level, Tecnatom carries out selection and evaluation processes of people for external companies. When it came to setting up this service and due to the difficulty of the profiles, Tecnatom often spent a lot of time on the early stages of the processes that its clients commissioned, in which, in many cases, it was also necessary to adapt the agenda for processes in countries with large time differences. In these phases, the dedication of qualified staff really brings little value and consumes valuable time that can be devoted to more advanced stages of the process such as personal interviews or analysis of the results obtained.

The implemented solution provides a chatbot, integrated in the company's selection page, which is in charge of carrying out the first stages of the process, including tasks such as quick questions about the languages spoken by the candidate or his or her training; the approach of critical work situations to assess their attitude; open questions that the cognitive services are able to evaluate automatically; redirection to external platforms for psychometric tests; contact with the appropriate people if the candidates pass the first stages; and, even, automated appointment management for personal interviews in person or via Skype, among many other functionalities.

"The implementation of this solution has already had a very favorable impact on the people evaluation service, reducing the time spent on these processes by 25% and receiving very positive feedback from our customers", said Luz Vázquez from Tecnatom. "In addition, we have achieved a service that can be universally extended through multiple channels (Skype, Facebook Messenger, Mail, etc.), that is multilingual and remains available 24×7, eliminating time slots, which is key in a global company," he said.

Motivation and follow-up in the training processes

The other commitment to the transformation of Tecnatom's processes through AI has been the development of a new training environment called SOUL (Smart Open Universe Learning), a space-oriented towards knowledge management and focused on the experience of workers. In this process, Tecnatom wanted to develop a tool to measure and assess the long-term level of knowledge of its students and to follow them throughout their training experience.

The solution developed is based on a Skype chatbot that proactively and periodically contacts the students of a course and sends them a group of questions or quizzes on the topics they have already passed. To do this, all kinds of resources are used, such as images, videos, maps or audio, both in the questions and in the answers. Artificial Intelligence periodically obtains the list of students, courses, modules, topics, and objectives of each training program, also knowing the current progress of the student within a course. In this way, it is able to carry out an exhaustive follow-up, remembering the questions that have already been sent to the student and preparing reports with the success and failure rates to share them with the students and their instructors.

"The implementation of this solution has had a very positive impact on the training area, being considered a "very good complementary service" by the students and making the department's offer more attractive to external customers", commented Luz Vázquez, from Tecnatom. "The main benefits include improved long-term learning and knowledge retention; detailed and regular feedback on the process of knowledge assimilation by learners; full scalability and flexibility; and uninterrupted availability," he explained.


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