New contracts in the Caribbean Area

Tecnatom has been awarded two contracts for the electricity-generating sector in the Dominican Republic. On the one hand, the company Generadora Palamara La Vega, S.A., a member of the Gas Natural Fenosa Group, has contracted Tecnatom to undertake a project for initial and on-going training on the prevention of human errors and the strengthening of operations supervision. This company has two fuel oil-fired thermal power plants of 106 MWe and 92 MWe respectively, located in the centre and south of the Caribbean country.

On the other hand, the San Pedro Bioenergy cogeneration plant, located in San Pedro de Macorís, has awarded Tecnatom a contract for support to the plant management in the assessment of the operations and maintenance personnel and their training. This plant has an installed power of 30 MWe, produced from bagasse or cane from the Cristóbal Colón sugar mill. Of these 30 MWe, 10 MWe are for the consumption of the factory and the remaining 20 MWe are sent to the grid. The plant also produces steam for other industrial uses.

These new contracts strengthen the position of the Tecnatom Group in Central America and the Caribbean in relation to training for fossil-fuelled and renewable energy generation.


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