SOUL committed to power sector improvements with EPRI


A seminar has been developed in Mexico City organized by EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) to explore in depth the management of assets in the electricity sector and this is of interest to us at SOUL. For this reason, we have been working closely with EPRI for decades as a reference institute in R&D projects in the electricity sector.

In our company, we have experts in Digital Operation and Asset Management who attended the meeting as speakers at the plenary sessions of the event providing our experience in this field.

The event focused on workshops that addressed the asset management of conventional fossil energy, combined cycle, hydroelectric and solar power plants and also shared Latin American experience in asset management technologies using sensors and data in asset management and the role of operations and maintenance in asset management.

Asset Management has become a key discipline within the business world if you really want to maximize the value of an organization's physical assets. To do this, its entire life cycle must be managed.

Asset management includes processes such as the design, construction, operation, maintenance and changes of assets and infrastructures because all of them cause or may cause changes in the performance and qualities of these assets.

Asset management aims to improve performance, reduce costs and extend the useful life of assets, in short, to improve the return on investment of assets.

It helps to put the equipment itself at the center of the thinking and to see the different agents and actions that manage it as inputs to an improvement process.

But for this purpose, we need a vision at a higher level where we can control the different operations and investments in the different equipment in the different systems. It is complex and there is no magic formula for it.

In addition, not only are technical decisions involved, but they are influenced by the regulations and their changes, the company's human capital, corporate and business objectives.

As you can see in an exciting world, where having a great vision of the business, having a wide technical knowledge, of the sector, of the regulatory framework, is of vital importance. For this reason, SOUL is interested in this field.

From SOUL we work to increase both the knowledge in this field and the number of experts in this area in order to give a personalized service to all of you.


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