Javier Antona

At the beginning of June, the first contract and consequently the first SOUL project for an external company, Enusa Ensa AIE, was confirmed. This is an association of companies, in the form of an Economic Interest Group (EIG) with the main purpose of providing nuclear fuel services at Nuclear Power Plants.

Just a few months after SOUL's official world premiere, it has already been awarded the "Human Capital Development" award at the Atomexpo 2018 international trade fair. Internally, "People" has been created the Tecnatom Human Resources SOUL project for the group's personnel. At the same time, several companies have shown their interest in having space in SOUL or going further and having their own private SOUL, as has been the case with Enusa Ensa AIE.

For this grouping, Tecnatom has proposed a knowledge management model based on SOUL, customized and customized for Enusa Ensa AIE in order to offer efficient, systematic, flexible and attractive learning, maintaining a high level of skills over time, as well as improving performance based on lessons learned and good practices. In turn, it also aims to take advantage of the knowledge of Subject Matter Experts within the group and the effective transfer of critical knowledge during the generational relay.

This proposal covers the main problems in the field of knowledge management that Enusa Ensa AIE has identified. These are mainly the transfer of the critical knowledge of several experts with extensive experience and knowledge, at an age close to retirement. Another of its main problems is the geographical dispersion of its employees, which will result in the development of flexible teaching materials and resources to solve this problem and, finally, the integration of certification itineraries into the model that helps in the certification process of those employees deemed to require training.

To address the project, a 3-year roadmap has been designed. For the first year, the main tasks have been programmed in, roughly, month-long sprints, covering a series of minimum products for the operation of the model, which includes the start-up of Enusa Ensa AIE SOUL, the development of a first fully digital course and the first area of experts that will be based upon one of the tools commonly used in one of the national centres. The aim for the end of the year is to integrate an additional expert area, a second course and the integration of qualification certificates into the model. The main purpose for the remaining years of the project is to carry out an escalation of activities.

The project has been received with great enthusiasm by both Tecnatom and the client and the commitment of both parties is clear to see. This is the first project of many for SOUL, and as the great Freddie Mercury once said: “the show must go on”.  In this case, there is no doubt about it, SOUL MUST GO ON!


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