SOUL researches new environments


At SOUL we are concerned about generating an innovation ecosystem in order to provide more differentiating solutions to the challenges we face.

Within our company, we have a group of people who lead this mission and who are our inspiration. They taught us a lot of things that we had diffuse and generated a lot of noise. To help us we were asked these questions.

What should we consider Innovation?

Our response was to make innovation similar to inventing something, but they have explained to us that innovation is the ability to find new uses for what we have or to create solutions of affordable value for our customers.

What types of innovations can we make?

Not all of we were able to answer this question, we thought there was only one innovation...

With them, we discovered that we could work on incremental innovation or continuous improvement and disruptive innovation.

The incremental would try to give new purposes to what we have and the disruptive would generate a new product of value for a market or sector.

They were returning from a trip to see innovation ecosystems in different Spanish regions, where they had visited technology parks, universities, and methods of collaboration between private and public entities.

We are anxious to offer new solutions within the training environment. That's why we asked them:

Where can we start work?

They focused and proposed us the search for needs within the training, looking first at the outside, at the needs of the client and proposing solutions that generate a value proposition using the most current technologies.

But what shape do the needs take?

They used an example to explain it: the Walkman.

What need did Sony meet with this invention?

Transport the music, take your music with you.

Sony once invented it, improved its design, made it more attractive, more contemporary, more ergonomic buttons, and put the Autoreverse! but did it give a different solution to that need?

No, it was the iPod, which provided you with a different solution to take your music back to the street, and when the technological environment around us changed, Spotify once again offered a different solution to the same need, now without requiring a different device.

We found the example very interesting, and now we plan to focus our creative potential on the search for needs in the training framework to provide SOUL with tools to cover them.


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