Tecnatom moves towards Digital Operation and Assets Management

Tecnatom’s strengths reside in its in-depth knowledge of the operation of electricity-generating stations, the talent developed in horizontal technological disciplines such as simulation, improvement and modernisation of processes and their automation and monitoring and the company´s keen backing for innovation in technology and diversification and internationalisation, all of which goes to make up an extensive portfolio of capabilities and experiences widely applicable in different industrial sectors.

The challenges of digital transformation now provide an important opportunity for the development of technological solutions, to be channelled via a specific organisation. The main objectives of this new Division, which Tecnatom has just set up, will be to develop and implement integrated and innovative solutions and services contributing to the excellent operation and exploitation of the assets of the facilities.

This new functional distribution will at the same time contribute to the reinforcement of the activities of the Safety, Operation and Training Division, focussing talent on these specific areas and consequently strengthening synergies between the two organisations with a view to developing high added value solutions.

The new division comprises three operations management areas oriented towards control and supervision centres, simulation and monitoring and operating aid systems and assets management, along with a further management area dedicated to technology development and digital transformation.


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