Tecnatom supports CEIDEN in the Foro Transfiere


A total of 1,700 companies and more than 4,500 participants gathered in Malaga. With 5,000 research groups, a record figure so far and more than 2,000 technological projects, the event has become one of the main meeting places for R + D + i both nationally and internationally.

In this edition, Tecnatom has supported CEIDEN, the fission nuclear energy technology platform, whose objectives are to coordinate the different national R & D plans and programs, as well as participation in international programs, seeking to guide efforts in a coherent manner of the entities involved. It is an association that involves all the players in the Spanish nuclear sector, from private companies to universities, through public companies and research centers. CEIDEN has been present in this edition of Transfiere represented by its president Rosario Velasco, vice president of the Nuclear Safety Council.

Tecnatom participated in a round table on Innovation in the energy sector where we presented our R & D & I policy and contributed our vision on the influence of innovation in the company's internationalization and the success in the implementation in different markets. Tecnatom has been investing in a sustained way 10% of its turnover in innovation, which allows us to enjoy a technological independence that gives us a competitive advantage in the markets.


  • Fjruiz 1 year ago

    FORO TRANSFIERE, in recent years, has been established as an international meeting of the first magnitude of R+D. It is also the meeting place of the different national technological platforms and is an event of special utility for the establishment of networks of work and collaboration.

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