The Tuxpan simulator reaches Ready for Training status


During this month of November the simulator for the Tuxpan combined cycle plant (Mexico) has reached Ready for Training status. The reference plant for this simulator is group III of the said Mexican plant, a 2×1 facility with Mitsubishi technology and a power output of approximately 500 MWe.

The simulator allows for the training of the operators in all the operations that may be carried out from the control room, including normal operation, operational transients and off-normal and emergency operation due to equipment or system failures.

It should be pointed out that development of the Tuxpan simulator has been based entirely on Tecnatom’s “Team Suite ” simulation technology, from the simulation platform to the operations graphic interface and including all the dynamic and logic models.

The first courses to be delivered in Mexico by Tecnatom with the support of the simulator began on December 4th and consisted of one aimed at future operators and another for refresher training.


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