VII Smart Energy Congress of enerTIC


EnerTIC's mission is "To contribute to the development of the transformation potential of information and communication technologies in the field of energy efficiency in Spain with the support of associated companies and public institutions, in favor of a more competitive and sustainable economy. In addition to Tecnatom, other outstanding partner companies are Gas Natural, Telefónica, EDP, Elecnor, Enagas, Engie, EDF, Schneider Electric, Atos, ACCIONA, etc.

The topics discussed in the congress are related to Smart cities, 4.0, Smart Data center and Smart Energy. Our colleague Ana Isabel Gálvez Pérez, Manager of Digital Transformation within the Digital Operation and Asset Management Division, spoke at the "Smart Energy Start-ups, trends, opportunities and innovation" session. The paper "Digital transformation: lever to optimize the exploitation of energy facilities" presented the capabilities and areas of greatest interest of Tecnatom in this field. The digital transformation is a key aspect in Tecnatom's value proposition to its customers. Thanks to this effort, Tecnatom is providing new products and services that help keep Tecnatom as a benchmark company in the sector as well as expanding into new markets and sectors. Collaboration with research and development organizations, technology companies and start-ups are essential to accelerate the development of products and services based on digital technologies at the pace demanded by the market today.

From here, we thank our colleagues who attended and Ana for her presentation, as we have received from those who attended her presentation interest in Tecnatom products and services related to digital transformation


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