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In SOUL we know that the root cause analysis of the deficiencies or problems we find is of vital importance, not because we find the causes like four-leaf clovers in a field, but because we can solve the problems in an effective way.

To do this job, many people think that with common sense and care, everyone can do an excellent analysis, but the truth is different. Like everything else in life, you need to know things in order to think about them.

A thousand examples, from the moment the wheel is reinvented everyone can think with it, but before nobody thought with it. The same is true in this field, for this reason, specific training in different analysis methodologies is very important.

The regulatory bodies within the nuclear sector are interested in the development of these capabilities, so they organize annual training sessions. Our SOUL experts have already taught it on six occasions.

In it, they discover the tools of an analysis methodology called MORT (Management Oversight and Risk Tree). They examine in depth the elements of risk control, how a policy/objective is adequately defined and where it may fail. They begin to think of elements to control risks at work, such as proper task preparation or supervision. And they analyze the elements necessary to make it effective.

Our experts highlight the importance of the lessons learned as a management tool and as what helps us to identify the risks around us. They emphasize the importance of human factors in the design of new systems or modifications, because not only can this fail in what we have but also in what we will build.

In their training, students assess the importance of an event, apply standard methodologies and practice with a case based on real events in the industry, even simulating interviews to obtain information. They become able to write a final report with Safety Culture assessment included and present it at the exit meeting.

This year's course has been rated Excellent so we are all very happy.

We are waiting for you in our expert area, where you can expand your knowledge as an analyst. If you don't know if you're interested.

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