HoloTraining: Training based on mixed reality


Who has not ever thought about being able to interact with elements that are not in reality in the same way that the protagonist of "Minority Report" does? What if at the same time we were forming?
This concept seems to be derived from a series of science fiction, but today's technological innovation and augmented reality devices allow us to learn by acting in the field or in the classroom with components that we can not touch in reality.

In this way, it can be created in any environment that we want a mixed reality that combines the best of virtual reality and augmented reality, allowing students and instructors to interact effectively and optimize training sessions.

To test this concept, a multidisciplinary team has been created that unites the instructors of the training schools, who provide their technical experience and their needs, and the innovation staff of the Tecnatom Global Academy, who designed the way in which technology could articulate this concept. For this, we have had Design Thinking sessions to explore and realize this innovation project. This way of working is also an example of facing and solving the challenges in which we are going to be involved.

The result of this way of working has been the pilot of the HOLOTRAINING, in which the device of the Hololens of Microsoft has been used.

For the pilot a gate valve has been modeled, designed for maintenance training. The valve can be virtually removed, while the procedure is read and the video of an instructor with additional lessons is seen, which represents an added value for the student unprecedented to date.

This cutting-edge didactic medium has already aroused the interest of some of our clients. In addition, for Tecnatom it can become a good opportunity, since this project falls within the search by Microsoft of partners that develop applications that give utility to the HoloLens, and without a doubt its use for the training of highly qualified professionals is one of it.


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