A Smart Open Universe of Learning.


It's a new universe in which to share knowledge without borders.

The 21st century is a time that presents challenges without parallel in the previous century. These challenges are linked to the rapid evolution of technology. The so called fourth revolution or revolution 4.0, opens new development horizons for which, new and different competences are required, as well as continuous updating of the knowledge acquired.
We are moving into a new type of society in which the acquisition of knowledge is becoming different:

… from academy and training centres, … to tablets, mobile phones, webinars and social media,
… from initial training and certification, … to on-the-job learning and continuous updating,
... from formal education and training from teachers and instructors,
… to learning from experts, colleagues and from the industry experience as well.

Education is now an active process, focused on the learner, extending throughout life and beyond formal learning by supporting the development of a knowledge economy.
SOUL responds to these challenges of the 21st Century with a global solution for knowledge management taking advantages of the digital transformation.

The project “Learning with SOUL by Tecnatom” had the honour to receive the Prometheus Award in the last Atomexpo International Forum in the “Human Capital Development” section.



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